Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Developing Potential

Mary Kate is my 19 year old with special needs. I have gone through several hoops throughout her life to get her the education she needed in just the right environment. As she graduated to a different school, it was always heartbreaking because I never knew if everything would still go well. It takes a very special person to be a special education instructor. Some people have a good heart and good intentions when they get their degree in special education but then when they step foot in a classroom, they want every child on Retilin before the day is over. I can’t say I blame them – hence, why I’m not a special ed. teacher.

Middle School was pure Hell. I had her in for 4 LONG months before I finally parented-UP and took her out for good. My plan was to keep her home whether I totally stunk at homeschooling or not. It didn’t matter. If she stayed home and watched The Sound of Music over and over, it would have been better than the abuse she took from the border-line inner city environment she was in.

Then the heavens opened up and the most amazing school dropped in our lap. It was a school exclusively for kids with special needs. Every time she got off the bus, she was greeted by teachers and students with hugs and smiles and kisses. Every day for 3 years she had this. Then, at the tender age of 15, we got the bad news that due to budget cuts, she would not be able to go back. I held in my sorrow until the parent/faculty meeting. As we all went in our separate groups to talk to our case workers, I burst into tears. I couldn’t control myself. I was a blubbering mess.  If any of the law-making guru’s were there, I’m sure my pathetic and childlike whimpering would have brought them all to tears and Mary Kate would still be there today.

After allowing Mary Kate to attend one 1 hour class at the local High School until she turned 16, I yanked her out and she has been home ever since.

Fast forward 4 years and we finally have a nice place for her to go to during the day, Developing Potential. It is a daily program that provides continued education for adults with special needs. This program doesn’t graduate anyone. She gets to stay there for the rest of her lifeJ

This is her new friend, umm…..we don’t know her name. I guess names aren’t important to Mary KateJ