Monday, February 4, 2013

Extreme Makeover Part 4 - Mission Complete

"Do you think Jill will like her new kitchen?”

“Do you think they will love their new mattress?”

“………their new bathroom?”

“………their walls……bookshelves……table…….refrigerator……etc. etc. etc.”

I didn’t want to poo-poo on everyone’s enthusiasm so I will just do it here:/

 If Jill & Patrick were given 10 BILLION dollars, they would still be unhappy. Nolan’s death can really be a painful reminder on how valuable a human life is. I like what my Bible study teacher says, “Even Coco the signing bear is worthless next to the lame human being.” Oh, that is so true. Their son was priceless. Our kids, parents, the homeless man on the corner, the lame woman in the nursing home….they are all worth more than all the money in the world and all the material goods that this world can offer. Do you see why I am pro-life? Do you see why taking the life of a stranger in a vegetative state is something worth fighting against? This IS our business!!

Sunday, January 27th, at 6:15pm, everyone was running around and finishing up last minute fix-up’s and repairs. A few women were clearing out all the evidence that anyone had been there. Tools were thrown in the garage, cleaning supplies thrown in tubs, cardboard and old blankets are pulled from the new rugs, cars and vans and trailers are pulled back into the street. Some of us were giggling at the anticipation of the Connors homecoming. Some were a little more edgy and panicky….not going to mention namesJ One of the teenage girls found a cardboard box and wrote “Welcome Home Connor Family!!” She used my flashlight app on my phone to illuminate the sign. People thought of everything. It was wonderful. This was an unforgettable experience.

6:30 arrives and the Connors pull in. Shouts everywhere…..”Their home! Their home!”  I am standing in the far corner of the living room with my camera and smiling.

Logan walks in first. He walks slowly around, looking and touching everything around him. He is too cute!! Jill walks in next and makes a bee line to me. ME!! I got a hug from Jill first thing! I wasn’t even expecting it. I am smiling from ear to ear now as the Connors are taken from one room to another. Of course they loved everything.

Although they have a new and spacious house, we really created more work for them. Now, she has some purging to do. Their basement is an organized chaos. One by one, friends and family will be visiting and helping Jill rummage through her belongings and give each book and toy a home. Hopefully, this process will last for a while….long enough for her to get through the initial grieving process where she can even begin to function.

They want their little boy back. Every kind gesture is another reminder of this tragedy. Every meal, gift card, dollar in the bank, sympathy card….they are all reminders that their son is gone. No, I did not think a new home would make Jill & Patrick happy. I did, however, believe that we could gift them a safe, healthy and comfortable place to grieve. This is what we accomplished. This is how to comfort the sorrow…to the extreme.

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