Thursday, July 3, 2014

Treasure with a View

I got a text message last night from our neighbor, asking if Samantha would be home in the morning because he had a treasure hunt planned for her when she wakes up.

What an intriguing message. If I were a few years younger, that may have kept me awake with anticipation and excitement. But no. I’m too old for that and slept like a baby…..a sound sleep like those of the NyQuil commercials and then awake every 3 hours throughout the night.

At 8 am sharp, Samantha received her first text message clue……

“Every day, rain or shine, the mailman comes with letters so fine. It is there you find your next clue.”

Benjamin walked with her as she went from one destination to another. I had to stay back to mess with my camera. It was one of those moments when you need something to work right NOW but couldn’t! I will spare you with my camera drama and jump to the next chapter.

First she runs to the mail box - then to the gate to the Longview walking trail - to the tree house - and then to her final destination. How I WISH I was there to see her face!! But issues! Ugh! 

Samantha runs in the house, puts her hands on my shoulders, looks me in the eye and pauses. She knows, as even the 4 year old knows, that I might not hear a word you say unless I am looking right into your eyes just inches away.

“I’m not telling you what it is. You have to see for yourself” She says with an uncontrollable smile.

She wakes up all the kids. As everyone moves around in slow motion, Samantha figured out the problem with my camera and we were ready to go. Six of us and 2 four-wheelers went on an adventure through our land and then on the beautiful hilly land just east of our property.

There, we all saw this…..

The neighbor took a fallen tree and carved out a chair WITH steps!


This is the view that Samantha will see every time she sits in this “chair”.

Isn’t this amazing?

Several times, the kids wake up before the sun and travel to this area to watch the sunrise – always with the neighbor – and all the while, I am in my sound sleep with someone’s foot in my face.

Now she can watch the sunrise from her chair.

Read her books

Settle down after an argument with me
Settle down. Period.

Contemplate the purpose of her life

Enjoy and rest in God’s creation


As each friend comes over, we jump on 4-wheelers to show off this gift. This is your invitation! Come on over and enjoy the view!!

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