Saturday, September 20, 2014

Created for Love - Chapter 1

Our Theology of the Body for Teens began in the beginning of September and we didn’t waste any time jumping right into the hot topics.

The first class began with introductions and then we watched a chastity talk by Jason and Crystalina Evert that they give to High Schoolers all across the country. It was and hour ½ that covered subjects like sex, dating, STDs, how Jesus suffered and died for his beloved (the Church), chastity, the dangers of contraception, etc. etc. We broke in the middle of the video to spend 10 minutes in adoration and benediction.

Now the students are hooked and bringing their friends!

This week, we covered Chapter 1. The title is Created for Love. This chapter explains in detail about how and why we were created. Why are we here? Why do we have bodies? What is our purpose?

This would be a never-ending blog if I attempted to answer these questions but, in reality, these need to be answered if we want to have eternal happiness. Eternal happiness.

We are created by Love and for love. Each one of us has a God-given desire to yearn for communion with one another. The purpose of our bodies is to be a visible sign of the invisible God – much like watching a ball fall to the ground being the visible sign of gravity – or trees swaying as a visible sign of wind. When Adam & Eve looked upon each other before the Fall, they saw God in each other. After the Fall, there was a fog that made it difficult to have that same vision. Now there was a real danger of being looked at lustfully rather than with love. But as long as we know what we are looking for – as long as we know that our desires for one another are signs for our desire for God, we are on the right track to having eternal happiness.

That is about all the wisdom I can share on the subject for a blog! For richer teachings, I recommend reading Love and Responsibility by Saint Pope John Paul II while having the companion Men, Women and the Mystery of Love by Ted Sri, sitting close by.

One of the activities for chapter 1 was to mold something out of play dough that represents their current relationship with God or a relationship they hope to have with Him in the future.

I cannot believe how quick and creative all of the kids were with this project! Everyone had a different idea. Everyone had a different piece of art.....

God has me safe in His hands

God is still working on me. Ok, maybe a little creepy but it's pretty ingenious right?

My own daughter & I forgot what she said...:/

Old St. Patrick's Latin Mass brings her ultimate fulfillment in her faith.

The Max mold is looking at the world as a symbol of  materialism as God waits for him on the other side of the wall. Max only needs to look away from the world and toward Him. Yes....that's my son:)

Good grief. He made a Minecraft. LOL. It symbolizes distractions he has with his relationship with God.

Lumpy stairsteps that symbolize his fumbling in the right direction.

A skull and cross bones that symbolize death to himself as he surrenders his life to God

"F, crucifix, ?" Symbols of Faith, what Christ did for me, and questions why God could ever love a guy like him. It brought "awww's" across the room.

She had a complicated and lengthy project & story. I expect nothing less from this remarkable girl.

God is trying to yank this boy back as he tries to run away from him. He resists but still allows God to pull him back from the world.

God leads her as she "blindly" allows Him to.

"I took apologetics classes when I was a Protestant and now I'm taking apologetics class as a Catholic. I had 2 different lives."

Praying at my bedside

Whenever I weather a storm, God brings out the blessings in the end.

This is me being invited to get out of the boat and walk with Jesus

God is in the center of death (tombstones) as He guides me to Him

God has me completely in His hands - loving me and caring for me.

God gives me gifts every day. (She made a bag holding gifts)

I have amazing students, don’t I?! Goodness. I feel like my job is done but NO - We have 2 hours, every week for the next 30 weeks to talk about love, sex, chastity, dating, God, the language of our bodies, vocations, sacrament of marriage, reconciling with God, etc., etc., etc., ETCETRA!!!! 


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