Saturday, June 6, 2015

Dog Update

6 months ago, our family gave away our beloved black Labrador to a wonderful family just a few blocks away. We had got Jake 3 years ago. He was Max’s dog and he loved and cared for him every day. He trained him well but nothing could squash his inherent instinct to be curious and wander about. He came when he was called, obeyed our every command but when things got quiet and attention wasn’t fully on him, he would sniff and explore until he found himself on our nearby jogging trail – visiting, licking and jogging along with whoever came by.

After paying out the nose to Grandview’s animal control to release Jake repeatedly (they gave up on calling the # on his tag), we finally decided that he had to go.  Jake met his new owner on our walking trail and now it was time for her to meet us. She stood in my driveway with a gentle smile and a distinct emotional pain in her eyes. She had only been separated from her husband for a couple of weeks and in a new town she knew little about. We knew it was God’s will that Jake go with this family. He has a fenced in yard and is providing much needed comfort to this single mom and her 2 kids.

As I was doing my spiritual reading from Interior Freedom by Jacques Philippe, it says that we must consent to situations that we did not choose. We must allow ourselves to be used as God sees fit. We were supposed to have Jake for a short time even though Max thought it would be forever. Max unknowingly prepared and trained him for a new family.

We had visited Jake several times and established a relationship with the new owner. She says that Jake is the best thing that could have happened during this difficult time.

Max hasn’t shed one tear knowing that he opened himself up to be used by God and experienced the rewards.

Now we have a territorial dog that follows Max everywhere. Instead of wandering off with curious instincts, her instincts are to work, protect and serve. Her name is Rosie, a full bred German shepherd. Her job consists of scouting the property – looking for anything that could threaten her family. She frequently checks on each member of the family. She is content when everyone is safe and accounted for. Max is just now beginning to fall in love with Rosie. It has taken a while since his heart was given to Jake the instant they met.

Since Rosie is a working dog, Max trained her to run and drag him up a steep hill. It blew me away! Max stands at the bottom of our hill that only young energetic boys can climb, and yells, “Help me Rosie!” Rosie stands next to Max. He grabs her collar and she drags him up this hill with all her might. I can’t believe it. It is like something out of a movie.

NOW we have the dog that God had planned for us J…… I think! I hope! We need to always be open to God’s will and not our own. Thy Will Be Done!

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