Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Day in the Life of the Christy's Part 2

Tuesday morning begins with waking up by 7:30am and wandering around aimlessly trying to remind myself what I do in the morning. More specifically, what do I do on a TUESDAY morning. I remember! I run to Nick and tell him he's late for his breakdancing class! "Get up! Your late!..." If it gets too bad, I begin singing the worst rendition of the Star Spangled Banner to him that makes Rosanne Barr sound REAL good. It wakes up the whole family. I end up with a crowd of sleepy and giggling children as my audience. Even Nick can't stop laughing. Nick and Max are off to dance at Calvary Bible College.
I make breakfast, usually pancakes, french toast or oatmeal while instructing the older children to dress their "buddies" (We do the Duggar family buddy system). I make lunch for Ben and Josie, then promptly leave at 8:30 to drop off kids at their appropriate destinations. Stop #1, drop Theresa off at school. Stop #2, drop Ben and Josie off at Mothers Day Out.  

I'm so proud of Ben! I only got one behavior problem phone call all year. Come on Ben, you only have to make it a couple more months!
Ben is so excited about Mothers Day Out. Josie, not so much

Josie stands in front of her little cubbie that were consequently built by her older brother Nick just 2 years ago

Stop #3, drop Mary Kate off at Grandview HS. Stop #4, pick up Max from dance. Stop #5, home by 10am. Samantha is about finished with Math while school is just beginning for Max. They do Math while I take care of my cute baby, clean and sneak out to pick up Mary Kate at 10:41 on the dot from the HS (she only takes one tutoring class). Mary Kate and I do Audiblox together for about 15 minutes. That is a reading program for kids with special needs. Then, she picks out a Saint DVD from our massive collection and watches that until Nick gets home.  If the other kids finish Math early, they work on independent subjects (Spelling, Latin, Handwriting, Language Arts) . We all do Geography together as soon as Nick comes home from dance. We work on one continent at a time accompanied with a cool video on the continent or one of its countries. I make lunch during the video. The kids eat at the island while I read the next Bible story. On to the next subjects! Writing, History, and read for 30 minutes. Nick and I try to squeeze an hour to ourselves to study his church History together. We usually end up talking about current events in his life, morals, God, or the other kids.  Its always a great time. We are definitely behind in Religion because of our goofing off.  By 2:00, Mrs. Hilboldt comes by with her lovely daughter, Emma. They take my Samantha down to her room and study Latin for 45-60 minutes. If they do well, Mrs. Hilboldt takes them to McDonalds where they study on their next class date.  Max needs extra help with Writing so he has me all to himself at this point. 

At this point, it gets tricky. These 3 kiddo's get dropped off for The King & I rehearsals at 5:00

At the same time, Nick drops off Mary Kate at Special Olympics practice
I pick up a nice man for my Theology of the Body class while Roy drops off the tiniest kids with his mom and sets up the TOB room at St. Matthews.  Roy, Nick and I take the TOB class from 7-8:30 at which point we split off again to grab the children at their various locations and taking the nice man home. I didn't mention how we ate dinner. I don't remember if or how we ate. I'm sure food got consumed but it was too fleeting to remember.
The night is not over! We still plan time for our "carefree timelessness" in the living room. We just sit quietly for about 15 minutes in the living room. The little kids color or read,  Nick is usually doing Math and Roy is letting the baby fall asleep on him. Me? I don't know what I do, I don't ever remember sitting quietly.  
This is my Tuesday! Next time someone asks what I do, I will refer them to my blog.

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  1. Just out of curiosity has this years school schedule become any less hectic?