Saturday, March 26, 2011


12 years ago today, I walked into the kitchen to find Mary Kate making a mess on the kitchen floor with the play dough. As soon  as I cracked a smile when she looked up at me with her tiny face and blue eyes, my water broke. An instant feeling, physically, mentally, and spiritually flowed throughout my body of great delight and ecstasy. I was going to be a mom again today. I have never had my water break before or after this baby.  I so wish I would. I compare it to death and new life occurring instantly. By mid afternoon, I was holding my baby girl, Samantha. That was not the name of my choice but Roy has wanted a Samantha since he was a child. That was the last name he was allowed to give to any of our babies. lol.
I felt like she was my first girl. Mary Kate is absolutely a girl but she is her own unique individual. There are boys. There are girls. And then there is Mary Kate. With Samantha,  I got to experience the pathetic heart wrenching whimpers, the barrettes and pony tails, and everything pink.
She is my girl that wants to be perfect. She's not a perfectionist. She wants to be perfect as a child of her parents, as a student, as a stranger to others and as a child of God. What a blessing! When you look at her, you will see a body that radiates holiness. From a distance I think every boy will be able to see the dignity that he will have to protect in order to win her heart.  Sunsets are nice but Samantha is beautiful.
Have I over done it? Meet her and you will see that I haven't. Hopefully, this explanation is enough to understand how she treats her brothers and sisters and friends and family without me explaining it. Her future will be grand. She teaches me and the rest of the family every day with the virtues she practices. How I wish I could take credit for this! Believe me, I would take credit in a heartbeat if she were my only child but I have a couple children (BEN!) that discredits me quick. LOL. I must remember that some of our greatest saints were once very great sinners. They are both made of the same stuff. With Samantha being their example, I am not worried.
Samantha is such a Daddy's girl. She blushes when she talks to him on the phone. She tears up at the thought of losing him for another year when he gets the call for active duty half way around the world. Roy just can't say no to her. The feeling is mutual too. She may be spoiled but she has a deep love and appreciation  for all that she's given. Nearly everything she wants is somehow a gift for someone else. "Daddy, please let me go to the campout even though I'm coughing up a lung (I'm adlibbing a bit). I really want to help cook for the kids...and do the service project with the teens..." Or, "Daddy please buy me this cute fish for my aquarium. Josie said its her favorite fish and I want to surprise her." Or, "Mom, please let me spend the night at Emma's. She was sad today and needs me." She's either a generous and loving soul or really knows how to work the system. I prefer to think its the first.

As we were talking about her birthday, the subject came up about her 14th birthday. I told her that her Daddy is going to take her to a fancy restaurant. She is going to dress up and get her hair all dolled up. He is going to take her on a date and show her exactly how she is to be treated by a gentleman and where she will receive her purity ring, hand picked with alot of time and love by her father. I'll probably influence that decision a bit...alot. For now, its time to look forward to her last pre-teen year.
Happy birthday Samantha. Thank you for being you. I love you!


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  2. I don't know any of your children, really. This makes me want to meet not just blessed Samantha, but the others too! Thanks for sharing, mom to mom.