Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cub Scouts

Well, its over. We graduated my Webelos den to Boy Scouts on Saturday. I spent the last couple weeks thinking about what I wanted to say in my good-bye speech. Every time I thought about it, I would tear up. The last 4 and a half years with these boys have been wonderful. I have so many memories. Most of them involved calming them down from all their excitement. That is what I loved most about these boys. They all seemed so happy to be with me and each other. It didn't matter what we were doing, they were happy to be there. We could be scooping up piles of poop and they would be happy to do it just because they were together. That is what I will miss the most. Geez! I'm tearing up again!!

Sam Hoffman
 The red head! He loves to fish and do anything outdoors. He is an only child but was supplemented with land and nature and all the animals Mom would bring home from work. He studied acting as his extra-curricular activity. He was such a joy to have in the den meetings.

Nicholas Mott
He comes from a home of little people. LOL. They are such a cute family.  He loves to read and is always the first to volunteer when reading was involved. If I were faced with something important that needed to be done, I went to him first because I knew he would do a good job. 

Jacob Mincey
His mind seemed to be on other things a lot. This is an adorable feature. I could see his little mind in a complete other world. When others thought he was being rude, I could clearly see that his mind was just occupied. I loved being able to match my den meetings with his active imagination.

Davey Merchant
He came to us just a couple years ago from Oklahoma. He is full of stories, most of them disgusting. Haha. We loved to hear them though. He is great at building little, and sometimes not-so-little, projects. One project was a cub mobile! One day, he will teach my kids how to turn a real live cow into dinner on the kitchen of his other gifts:) He chased me with a dead mouse once and I haven't  forgiven him yet.

Joshua Valdez
 Ahhh. My most dedicated scout. He would come early and stay late to all the den meetings. And his sister, Alicia, was close behind. She comes in and grabs whatever baby I had just had.  Joshua was so happy to be here even if my 4 year old beat him up. He always walked in my front door with the same smile. I'm going to miss that smile.

Austin Vaughn
 The studious scout. This is the scout that listened and paid attention and truly did his best with every project or assignment he was given. If I asked him to write a few words about something, he wrote 2 pages. If I asked him to draw me the layers of a forest, I would get all the creatures, and details that made it come alive.

Max Christy
This is the boy that had to take a back seat to everyone else. Sometimes he would miss the back seat altogether when his parents would completely forget to take him to a Pack Meeting or den meeting. He would sit at home with his uniform on, wondering where we went. Whenever I, the awards chairman, was one award short, I would pull it off his uniform. If the den leader, me, was one project short, he would get left out. Thank goodness he has such a good sense of humor.

These are my scouts. I love them all. I love their aggressiveness, their laughter, their disgusting jokes, their choke holds (on each other, not me), their manners when guests were around and their dedication to living the scout oath and law. I miss them so much. Why did God have to make time so fleeting? I hope they remember me when they are old with kids of their own. As their childhood memories fade, I pray they will all have fond memories of their den mother, Mrs. Christy. I love you boys!

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