Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Sounds like I'm running out of things to blog about doesn't it. No, no. Farmville is actually just an example of a bigger subject that I want to blog about today. It is no surprise to anyone who knows me that I really enjoy playing Farmville. There are two big reasons for this.  #1 I can play with my friends and family and, in turn, builds up our relationship even more. That is the purpose of playing a game around the kitchen table right? It bonds the family closer. Is it a waste of time to play Monopoly with the family? I can hear your head rattling so that must be a "no". Then, neither is playing Farmville. The only difference is that I can play with my Mom, the kids, my niece and nephew and friends continuously whenever I am able. I'm not bound to a certain time and place. Kids can interrupt me and it is ok.  I can choose to play a lot or a little or even skipping a few days without bothering anyone (except Mom).  The game is designed to play with one another through gifting and helping others. It does not take away from the gifting and helping in real life. I still make a real meal for my friend who has just has a baby instead of just offering her a virtual fruitcake for her farm:)  And I will always drop what I'm doing to sit at the table to play a game with the family...not a puzzle though. Thats Dad's thing.  
#2 It is a stress reliever. It is simple, enjoyable, calming and a small piece of my life that I can have control over. (Except when the 3 year old sells my stuff!!!! I keep setting her on the corner when she sells my swimming pool, train, mansion, etc. but she keeps running back home. LOL. I'm only partially joking).  I am not one that is under stress but I think there is a reason for this and no, its not drugs:) All of us need to have an avenue to calm ourselves when life gets a little busy. For some that could be a power nap  or scrapbooking, writing in a journal or reading.  Ice cream, jogging, etc. You get the idea.  I like to do a little of each but Farmville is on the top of my list. The more upset I get, the more farming  I do.  If there is anyone reading this who does not have a meaningless relaxer to bring yourself back down to Earth, I hope you will consider acquiring one soon.  Farmville is mine:)

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